Cable Attachment

Cable Attachment
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Body Solid VDRA-30 Cable Accessory Stand

The VDRA30 is perfect for storing and organizing multiple accessory bars, ropes, straps and even dum..


Body Solid ACH-18 AB Crunch Harness

Extra-wide padded harness protects the neck, shoulders, back and chest while you concentrate on your..


Body Solid MB-022RG Pro-Grip Revolving Straight Bar

Engineered to do triceps press downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, arm pullovers and much more...


Body Solid MB-148RG Pro-Grip Multi-Grip Lat Bar 48"

Uniquely designed for lateral stability and an extra long stretch. Smooth, fluid center swivel ensur..


Body Solid MB-229RG Pro-Grip Revolving Curl Bar

Pro-Grip™ Revolving Curl Bar id Biomechanically designed for the mostc omplete arm development possi..


Body Solid MB-438RG Pro-Grip Pro-Style Lat Bar 38"

Scientifically angled to allow a deeper stretch for better lat development. Smooth, fluid center swi..


Body Solid MB-501RG Pro-Grip Stirup Cable Handle

Extra heavy-duty welded flange for a lifetime of extreme usage. Machined steel is accurately balance..


Body Solid MB-502RG Pro-Grip Seated Row/ Chinning Bar Combo

Super heavy-duty welded flange ensures a lifetime of usage even under extreme conditions. All ends a..


Body Solid MB-503RG Pro-Grip Multi Exercise Bar

There is nothing better for doing seated rows, triceps press downs and bicep curls. Super deep chest..


Body Solid MB-504RG Pro-Grip Tricep Press-down Bar

Designed for maximum triceps contraction. Heavy-duty, solid steel welded flange allows maximum load ..


Body Solid MB-507RG Pro-Grip V-Bar

Center-balanced construction allows follow-through movement at optimum resistance. Ergonomically des..


Body Solid NAS-2 Nylon Ankle Strap

This cable attachment is attached to a low pulley for performing exercises like inner and outer thig..


Body Solid NB-59 Adjustable Nylon Stirup Handle

Pull all your cable workouts together with the Adjustable Nylon Stirrup Handle. Give your fingers a..


Body Solid NTS-10 Tricep Strap

They feature edges that won’t pinch, scrape or cut, and a patented neoprene lining that allows hands..